Mission statement:

HP PHARMACY mission statement can be expressed as “to make the Malaysia community stay healthy and stay happy. Our slogan: “BE HEALTHY, BE HAPPY.”

The mission statement relates to these primary features:
Improving health
Improving quality of life

HP Pharmacy shows that it is passionate and committed to the improvement of the health of its customers. We committed to stocking a variety of pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement products. The mere presence of HP Pharmacy in programs that prioritize the health of Malaysians especially Alor Setar people is proof that it contributes to the improvement of their lives. HP Pharmacy believed that healthy communicate only can generate more productivity and secure our quality of life.

Vision statement:

HP Pharmacy vision statement is “to be the community’s most-trusted pharmacy-led health, well-being and beauty company.” The statement expresses the determination of the company to strive to meet all the needs of its clients. It recognizes that this is the only way any business can earn trust and appreciation as a reliable brand.

Core Values

HP Pharmacy core values comprise “dynamic, responsible, integrity, professional and safety.” – DRIPS