Berry C Sanitizer Spray 500ml


Berry C Sanitizer Spray 500ml

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BerryC (Trifunctional Sanitizer Spray) BerryC is uniquely formulated based on objectives of Eliminates microbes, Protection, and Long lasting. It provides microbes-free, floral scent, and relaxing environment for daily lifestyle. BerryC lays an invisible protection layer on the applied surface which can decompose surrounding odour. In addition, BerryC provides sustainable 28 days advanced antimicrobial and long-term anti-fungi enhancement on sprayed surface. Lastly, the ingredient does not contain any toxic material and alcohol; thus, it is suitable for everyone and daily use. Why You Need It • Last up to 28 Days • Skin Safe • Eliminates 99.99% of Microbes • Repels Contaminant Adherence • Decompose Organic and Inorganic Odour • Sustainable Antimicrobial and Fungi Prevention • Invisible Layer • Toxic and Alcohol Free • Low VOC Water Based Product • Retain Surface Colour and Texture How To Apply 1. Shake well before use. 2. Spray directly onto surface or into the air. 3. Wipe if necessary. Cautions: Do not intake, external use only. Application Areas • Clothing • Doorknob or door handle • Staircase or handrail • Baby car seat • Bedding • Toys • Backpacks • Foot wears • Toilet • Applicable on any surface for antimicrobial purposes Specification • Packing: 500 ml Spray Bottle • Physical liquid: Water based • Colour: Colourless • Odour: Floral Scent • Durability: Up to 28 days

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